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    • Cinderella in Spain: Variations of the Story as Socio-Ethical Texts

      • Autor
        • Fernández-Lamarque, Maia
      • Lugar
        • Jefferson, North Carolina
      • Editorial
        • McFarland and Co
      • Fecha
        • 01/01/2019
        • Every culture in the world has a version of the story of Cinderella. Surveying thousands of tellings of what is perhaps the most popular fairy tale of all time, this critical examination explores how the famous folk heroine embodies common societal values, traits and ethics. Multiple adaptations in Spain--gay Cinderella, suicidal Cinderella, censored Cinderella, masked Cinderella, porn Cinderella and others--highlight not only Spanish traditions, history and Zeitgeist, but reflect the story's global appeal on a philosophical level.



          Maia Fernandez Lamarque is a full professor at Texas A&M University-Commerce in the Department of Literature and Languages.

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