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    • Literature, gender and education for children and young adults-Littérature, genre, éducation pour l'enfance et la jeunesse (Sitlec)

      • ISBN/ISSN
        • 978-8869234125
      • Autor
        • Baccolini, R., Perderzoli, R. & Spallacia, B.
      • Categoría
        • Libros
      • Editorial
        • Bolonia University Press
      • Fecha
        • 09/05/2019
        •  Many studies have shown that in children’s and young adult (YA) literature sexism and gender stereotypes are continually and uncritically reproduced. Furthermore, these representations have a significant impact on the development of gender identity of young readers. The essays in this volume focus on the current debates on gender in children’s and YA literature. They are divided into two main areas: children’s and YA literature, and gender education. As all the contributions illustrate, it is crucially important today to produce literary texts that challenge and overturn the traditional and standardized ideas about gender identities, roles, and models. 


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