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    • Translating for children beyond stereotypes-Traduire pour la jeunesse au-delà des stéréotypes

      • ISBN/ISSN
        • 978-8869234132
      • Autor
        • D'Arcangelo, A. , Elefante, C. & Illuminati, V.
      • Categoría
        • Libros
      • Editorial
        • Bolonia University Press
      • Fecha
        • 09/05/2019
        • This volume analyzes how cultural and ideological stereotypes, as well as political factors and economic/commercial constraints can exert a crucial influence upon the process of translating children’s literature. The essays are divided in three main areas: stereotypes and editorial trends, gender and inclusiveness, and stereotypes and transnational identities. When dealing with the production of children’s literature, it seems particularly necessary for writers, translators, publishers and for all the actors involved, to commit to a translation process able to convey imagery, visual aspects, representations of identities and positive models, as well as to enhance gender diversity and avoid stereotypes. This commitment, moreover, is also a prerequisite for scholars researching theoretically and critically in the field. This volume will hopefully contribute to promoting new research particularly in the area of Translation and Gender Studies. In this way, it will be possible not only to enhance awareness of all the implications involved when dealing with these themes, but also to encourage future fruitful collaboration, and a widening of perspective. Contributions by F. Ceccoli, A. D’Arcangelo, V. Douglas, D. Forni, C. Elefante, B.J. Epstein, V. Illuminati, M. Lévêque, A. Lopes, M. Piacentini, A. Sezzi. Adele D’Arcangelo is Associate Professor in Languages and Translation (English><Italian) at the University of Bologna, Forlì Campus. Her research focuses on intercultural competence in translators’ training and on popular literature and publishing policies, mainly referred to Young Adult literary production. She is a member of the MeTRa Centre. Chiara Elefante is Full Professor of French Language and Translation (Forlì Campus). She is a member of the MeTRa Centre and her research focuses on poetry translation, self-translation, translation and editorial policies and translating for children. Valeria Illuminati got her PhD at the DIT Dept. of the University of Bologna (Forlì Campus). She collaborates on an AlmaIdea research project on theoretical and practical aspects of translating children’s literature. She is a member of the MeTRa Centre and of the G-BOOK Gender Identity: Child Readers and Library Collections European project.


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