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Bring together researchers of children and youth literature in Spain and abroad, encourage interdisciplinary research and collaboration and participation in projects.

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Interview Raquel Díez Real (Writer)

Interview Raquel Díez Real (Writer)

We’ve interviewed Raquel Díez Real, a teacher and writer, winner of the Rosa Regás award for her collection of illustrated albums on Letras Coeducativas. This is a project composed of four books that talk about themes of equality, such as sexuality and gender roles....


XIII Congreso ANILIJ, Salamanca 2022

XIII Congreso ANILIJ, Salamanca 2022   Todas las personas que deseen participar en el XIII Congreso de ANILIJ con una comunicación deben enviar, antes del 15 de junio de 2022, un resumen entre 150 y 200 palabras de extensión, al mail,...

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