Asociación Nacional de investigación de Literatura infantil y Juvenil

Our aims


ANILIJ, The Spanish National Research Association on Children’s Literature is an organization aimed at:

  • Gathering researchers on children’s literature based in Spain who carry out research both at a national and an international level.

  • Promoting interdisciplinary research, so that the association is open to researchers either from the philological field (Anglicists, Germanists, Americanists, Hispanists, Romanists, Slavicists, etc.) either from other related disciplines (historians, artists, illustrators, translation scholars, library and information, scientists, etc.), provided that the focus is on researching children’s literature and not on its dissemination or promotion.

  • Fostering collaboration and participation in different projects, meetings and exchanges of researchers with research associations on children’s literature already existing in other countries (currently, we are collaborating closely with the centres in Frankfurt am Main, Munich, London and Toronto).

ANILIJ’S international cooperation is aimed at:

  • Exchanging information about current research on children’s literature, about research organizations on children’s literature, and about specialised courses on children’s literature and its contents in the different university studies.

  • Connecting researchers from other countries with our researchers, as well as fostering the collaboration between them, with regard to specific research fields.

  • Promoting publications and organizing and participating in conferences, seminars, workshops and symposiums within the field of research on children’s literature.

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