Asociación Nacional de investigación de Literatura infantil y Juvenil



The Galician-Portuguese Research Association on Children’s Literature (ELOS) is a section of the Spanish National Research Association on Children’s Literature (ANILIJ). It was founded on September, 7th, 2006 in Santiago de Compostela and is made up of forty researchers from Galicia and Portugal. It is registered in the Spanish National Register of Associations of the Ministry of the Interior under number 588740 since 29th March, 2007.

Its aims are very similar to ANILIJ’s, although they are mainly circumscribed to the Galician-Portuguese scope.

Nowadays, ELOS’ Governing Board consists of nine members:

President: Isabel Mociño González
Vice-president: Sara Reis da Silva
Secretary: Eulalia Agrelo Costas
Treasurer: Carmen Ferreira Boo

Members of the Board: Fernando Fraga de Azevedo, José António Gomes, Ana Margarida Ramos, Blanca-Ana Roig Rechou, Xavier Senín


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